Chapters 3-4: The Big Race

When Nigel and Tony race, each of them runs or flies for a while, and then rests for a while. What is the average speed for each one?

You could think of the average speeds as the speeds each boy would travel if he ran or flew continuously, without stopping to rest. If that was the case, what would Lennie's graph look like?

Quite a difference! It looks like Tony would win every time. But on Lennie's graph, they pass each other, and they reach the point Donna chose at the same time. How do you explain that? If the race went on longer, do you think there are other points where they would meet again?

I actually checked it out on a spreadsheet. If the race went on, Tony would gradually pull farther and farther ahead, until finally he was always ahead and the two boys no longer passed each other. The spot Donna chose is the only one where they stop to rest at the same time.

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