On October 19 2008, I was the guest on The Space Show, an internet radio program that discusses issues related to space development. Thanks to the wonders of technology, I could do the entire 90-minute program from home, so I set up my work area and got ready for the show.

As you might expect, most of my conversation with host David Livingston centered on Lunar Pioneers, but we talked about some other issues, too.

You can hear selected highlights below. A complete podcast is available here at the Space Show website.

Click on the links to hear or download the individual clips as MP3 files,
or click here to download all the clips as a single file.

Clip #1 - How I started writing for You Can't Do That On Television Clip #2 - The story behind the "Outer Space" episode of You Can't Do That On Television.
Clip #3 - David Livingston and I discuss You Can't Do That On Television's signature gag, "Green Slime." He's had some experience with it, too. Clip #4 - The story of my second book, The Real Life Channel, and how it relates to my You Can't Do That On Television days.
Clip #5 - A listener asks whether I would update future editions of Lunar Pioneers if new scientific discoveries contradicted some of the things I wrote. Clip #6 - The Space Show often discusses the question of whether would-be space entrepreneurs really understand all the difficulties of space flight. A listener asks what effect I think science fiction has on the issue.
Clip #7 - The story and some of the themes in Lunar Pioneers Clip #8 - What do the kids in Lunar Pioneers do up there on the Moon?
Clip #9 - A listener claims that putting math formulas in a story is "the kiss of death," and asks how I present real science in Lunar Pioneers without being boring. Clip #10 - A listener wants to write a story about space and wonders if that's a trendy subject to write about.
Clip #11 - A discussion about space suits, featuring the question, "Can you really scratch your nose with a space helmet on?" Clip #12 - David Livingston asks me why my main character Blair Kelly doesn't get space sick, but her older brother Tom does. It's Blair's revenge!
Clip #13 - A listener asks me what I think "Moon School" is like. Clip #14 - At the end of the show, I'm given the chance to offer some "pearls of wisdom."

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